A Ting Dun Production

In association with 6333699 Canada Inc.

Executive Producer Carrie Haber

Producer Natalia Yanchak

Director Murray Lightburn

Writers Carrie Haber, Murray Lightburn, Andre Bendahan

Editor Paul Tom

Concert Editor Michael Mohan

Concert Sound Mix Roberto Arquilla

Concert Sound Mix Assistant Renaud Lussier

Re-Recording Mixer Gordon Neil Allen

Colour Correction Julien Alix at Post-Moderne

Legal Terra Noble

Montreal Unit

Camera Carrie Haber

Additional Camera Andre Bendahan

Mexico Unit

Unit Executive Producer Armando David Ortigosa

Unit Producer Miriam Garcia

Concert Camera Michael Mohan

Additional Concert CamRodrigo Gaudenzi

Concert Sound Recording Martin Gauthier

Interview Camera Hugo Alberto Corona Del Luna

Additional Camera Marco Leon

Archival footage provided by Andre Bendahan, Renaud Lussier, Jonathan Cohen and The Dears

Music video digitization by Sylvie Miron at Vision Globale

“This is a Broadcast” video directed by Mike Pelland

“End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story” video directed by Micah Meisner

“Lost in the Plot” video directed by Wendy Morgan

“Ticket to Immortality” video directed by Maxime Giroux

“You and I (Are a Gang of Losers)” video directed by Sean Wainsteim

“Disclaimer” video directed by Christopher Mills

“You and I (Are a Gang of Losers)” live video courtesy of Indie-O

“Patriot” by Thrush Hermit video directed by Ian McGettigan

Archival Images by

Andrew White

Jason Felker

Aaron Seligman

Marissa Arquilla

Ursula Yanchak

John Lodono

Christophe Colette


Marieve Petit

and The Dears

Special Thanks to

Jannie McInnes

Christopher Mills

Taien Ng-Chan

Christophe David

Kevin Drew

Stacey Mitsopulos

Joe Ollmann

Malcolm Fraser

Jonathan Cohen

Alexandre Domingue

Dan Webster

Mat Dunlap

Elisabeth Oliver

Thrush Hermit

The Tragically Hip


Montreal Mirror

The Montreal Gazette


Ariana Morgenstern at KCRW

Joe Betts at BMG Chrysalis

Louis Leclerc at GMMQ

Le Bifteck



and all our fans in D.F.

Published by BMG Chrysalis: The Highest, Pauvre Chantuer de la Rive Sud, Everlasting, Jazz Waltz No. 3 in B Flat, Where the World Begins and Ends, Partir, Par Terre, There is No Such Thing As Love, Lost in the Plot, Autotomy, End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story, No Cities Left, Ticket to Immortality, You and I (Are a Gang of Losers), 22: The Death of All the Romance.

Published by 6333699 Canada Inc.: Galactic Tides, 5 Chords, Blood, Disclaimer, Thrones, Easy Suffering, Omega Dog.