Never Destroy Us: The Dears at Pasaguero

Montreal’s Juno and Polaris-nominated indie rock darlings have nurtured a steady international profile throughout their 17-year history, but this pivotal concert performance at Pasaguero in Mexico City has special significance. On the cusp of succumbing to the realities and pressure of a music industry in decline, the sold-out, week-long stay in Mexico City marks The Dears’ decision to rebuild their career, as their concerts are greeted with an unprecedented response. Montreal has seen several of its independent musicians launch international careers in recent years, and The Dears continue their role as one of the city’s most prolific cultural ambassadors. Interviews with Grammy-nomintaed producer Howard Bilerman, local music critic Lorraine Carpenter, Stars’ singer Amy Millan, and the band in Montreal  – as they embark on their sixth studio album — contextualize the experience.

Directed by singer/songwriter/bandleader Murray Lightburn and edited by Paul Tom, the film incorporates montages of home video material from their tours as well as interviews with peers and music critics, as well as label mates and promoters in Mexico City. An essay about what it is to survive the music industry, the film is both a high-energy performance piece and intimate journey into the lives and mindsets of some of Canada’s most beloved and longstanding indie rock heroes.

The broadcast version of the documentary is 42 minutes in length and was filmed on location in Montreal, QC CANADA and Mexico City, MEXICO. Additional live footage is also available.